James Gillray, Posting in Scotland, 25th May 1805 – He should have stuck to the A90.

Apparently the folks at the University of Aberdeen’s Sir Duncan Rice Library have launched a new and imaginatively titled exhibition called, Print Shop Window: An Exhibition of Visual Satire. It runs from 27th September 2013 until 26th January 2014 and features examples of works by Gillray, Hogarth and George Cruikshank, as well as contemporary political caricaturists such as Gerald Scarfe and Steve Bell.


According to the University Library’s website: “The exhibition explores the Georgian political landscape, social issues, fashion and stereotypes. It highlights artists who pushed the boundaries of taste and etiquette for comic and satirical purposes, and offered a powerful medium through which to test ideas of the freedom of speech.”

A teaser photo which appeared on the Special Collection Centre’s Facebook page suggests that the exhibition is based around a fantastic mock-up of Hannah Humphrey’s famous bow-fronted shop window and includes a couple of other oddities like that stunningly awesome life-sized cutout of Cruikshank’s The Dandy of Sixty. Does anyone know where can I get one of those?

Naturally, we’d encourage anyone lucky enough to live up that way to get along to the exhibition post-haste and let us know what they thought of the experience.  

Further details can be found on the Library’s website.