Just a quick post to share some nice Rowlandson watercolours that have come onto the market in recent weeks. Typically you can expect to see finished watercolours by Rowlandson fetching between £500 – £1,500 at the moment, depending on the subject matter, the level of detail in the colouring and the presence of a signature. Incomplete works or more hastily rendered compositions tend to be a bit more affordable and can be picked at auction for anything in the region of £100 – £500. Always worth bearing in mind if you happen to be planning on picking up a couple of lottery tickets on the way to the pub tonight…


Ink and watercolour study of militia men at an inn, signed ‘Rowlandson’


Ink and watercolour scene of a country inn, signed ‘Rowlandson 1803’


Unfinished ink and watercolour landscape scene after George Moreland